Adding a new user

Adding a New User

Step 1: On the Whare Kōrero Dashboard, click on the 'Kaimahi Staff' button on the left hand side. 

NOTE: You must have be an 'Admin' in order to access the Kaimahi Management Page. Without this you will be unable to add a new user. 

Step 2: Click on the '+ Kaimahi Staff' button

Step 3: Fill out their name, email, role and select whether they will have publishing rights. Once you have done this, press 'Puritia Save' button. 

NOTE: There are two types of roles, Kaihanga/Creator and Kaiwhakahaere/Admin. Kaiwhakahaere/Admin will have access to the Management Page where they can add, remove and edit users. 

Step 4: Once you have saved the user, they will receive an email to accept the invitation & create an account. The invitation will be valid for 3 days, after that it will expire and another one will need to be sent. 

NOTE: Next to the new user an 'invitation sent' notification will stay by the users name until they accept and create their account. Upon this it will be removed. 

TIP: To resend an invitation, click the three dots on the far right side, click 'Resend Invitation' and another one will be sent to the email provided. 

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