Live streaming to the Whare Kōrero

Live Streaming to the Whare Kōrero

Step 1: On the Whare Kōrero Dashboard, click on the 'Pāhotanga Mataora' button on the left hand side. Alternatively, you can click this link

Step 2: Fill out the all of the information boxes and choose the date and time of the Livestream. Choosing a collection is optional. If you don't choose a collection, a new one will be created for the live stream.
Click the 'Puritia Save' button to Save and Create the Live Stream. 

Step 3: Following this you will be returned to the Live Streams page where you will see your Live Stream. Click on the 'Tiro Tānga Preview' button 

Upon Previewing the livestream, a pop-up box will appear (as shown below) with a preview clip, HTML Code, Social Media link, Stream URL link and a RTMP URL link

The preview will allow you to copy an HTML embed code so you can embed the livestream in your website.

It also provides a Share link which you can use to share your stream on social media and other platforms. The link opens the stream directly in the Whare Kōrero app or in the browser if the app isn't

The Stream Url is provided in case you want to redistribute your stream on another platform

 The RTMP url is provided. This is the RTMP url you enter in your streaming software.

Lastly, the RTMP Credentials are provided at the bottom.

RTMP Configuration

The key, user, and password is the same for all stations. Your RTMP url is provided in the preview modal of your livestream (as shown above). The RTMP user and password credentials can be found at the top of the Livestream page or at the bottom of the livestream preview.

We provide 3 different streaming quality levels as indicated by the KEY. Each level requires a different bitrate target. We recommend using low as high speed broadband isn't always available so this works well for both you and your audiences. We've just created the medium and high options for the future. 

Stream Key Bitrate [Mbps] Resolution FPS
low ( Recommended) 3000  1080 30 
medium 4500 1080 30
high 6000 1080 30

Previewing your Stream 

You can start and preview your stream 60 minutes before your scheduled live time. You'll need to start your RTMP stream, then click the 'Preview' icon next to your livestream. If you need to test and preview before that, please get in touch.

We do not record live streams

We don't currently support recording of live streams. If you need this feature please contact us.

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